You intimidate him?

Why is he approaching you then? Believe me, it has cost you. Or maybe, as I interacted with you, you’ve started to see the wolf’s ears and feel overwhelmed by that ravishing and brilliant woman you are.

Well, if despite your lack of confidence you like it, help him.

Smile, nod, listen attentively, touch him and laugh thanks more than they deserve. Do not answer with monosyllables. Modulate your non-verbal communication in a manner consistent with someone you care about and, in general, feed the interaction and give it incentives. If you overreact a little, the better.

Does not any of that work? Well, plan on taking the initiative.

If, on the other hand, your lack of confidence pulls you back, do not give up on him either. We all have frustrations and you will not be less, but the kid is not to blame and the last thing he needs is for you to download them. Again, learn to reject without mortally wounding the self-esteem of the people.

In short, do not be tough. Life goes around a lot, so – even for pure selfishness, treat it with love. Because you never know if a man you do not like now can evolve and end up looking interesting in the future. And if not, who tells you that you do not have interesting friends?

Testing the other is a personality trait of individuals with good self-esteem. Of people who “value themselves positively and give themselves the value they have. Subjects who enjoy the first stage of the relationship, flirting, and who are more likely to have suitors.

They also resort to this tactic people with a more fragile character, those who “are afraid of being betrayed or suffer ruptures. They tend to make it difficult to eliminate from the road all those suitors who are not going to invest in a lasting relationship.

And the final question: does the hard work work? “The more effort is made to get the other person more effort will be invested in maintaining it and therefore the likelihood of the relationship is maintained and overcome crisis. It works if done in its proper measure and at the right time.