Why is it bad luck to give a woman an even number of flowers?

Giving flowers as a gift is a time-honored tradition. In times of celebration, sorrow, as a thank-you, an apology and a symbol of romance, flowers are appropriate for just about every occasion. We’ve been giving each other flowers for thousands of years as a way to express our emotions.

You must take care, however, when presenting someone from another country or culture with flowers. What means something lovely to you may be offensive or bad luck to someone else.

Now that you know why it’s bad luck to give someone an even number of flowers, let’s check out some other flower-related traditions and superstitions around the world.

  • Peonies are among the most popular flowers for weddings in China.
  • In Asia, giving someone a potted plant is bad luck because it signifies the restriction of a relationship.
  • Giving flowers in Egypt is typically reserved for weddings and funerals
  • The British like to give flowers as hostess gifts, but white lilies are a symbol of death.

Typically, giving someone flowers is a thoughtful and appreciated gesture in all cultures. As long as you’re aware of cultural traditions, why not brighten someone’s day? Just maybe avoid an even number of them.