Why are goals not stated properly?

So that the goals do not go empty, which are some of the reasons, of what is likely that these are not met:

Diffuse goals are set: I want to lose weight, I want to be a millionaire, I want my company to be around the world.

As you can see, these goals do not have a way of knowing what to do to fulfill them, measure them and know that they are progressing towards their achievement, that is, specificity, time and quantity.

There is no big and clear objective when establishing the goal: do you want to lose weight for health, to look better, to be able to win that same shot you always crave, to get a partner …?

Do not establish priority in the goals, so many projects are initiated while creating a situation in which they confuse and in the daily work and in the allocation of resources.

Comment the goals to negative people and even more if people have ascendant

about who comments. They will show why you can not. Some achieved their goal and dragged the ranks of failure to turn something in their life.

Do not believe in your abilities and potential Maybe you set goals thinking that the future may be the same as the past, or you will not risk until you set goals according to what you can achieve.

Have a conflict of interest between the goals set and the beliefs and values.