What to do after teeth whitening

Our teeth are very susceptible to different pigments after  teeth whitening, so, as far as possible, during the following week we should take a diet that does not include food with dyes. In addition, we must restrict the intake of some foods and beverages during the following 48 hours:

You should not eat foods with dark colors: for example beets, spinach, blueberries, soy sauce … that can stain our teeth, which capture those pigments.

The same applies to drinks with dark colors such as coffee, tea, red wine and drinks with dyes. For at least 48 hours it is better to limit ourselves to water-based hydration.

Nor should we eat acid fruits such as kiwi, pineapple or citrus fruits. The juices of these fruits are also discarded during this period of time, since they can cause dental hypersensitivity.

Nor are very cold foods or drinks advisable, since your teeth will remain quite sensitive after the bleaching treatment, sensitivity that disappears after several days.



Choose a lipstick that accentuates the smile

If you are a woman, you have to know that there are lip colors that make the smile look whiter, by the contrast of some tones with the color of the teeth. While you must be careful to avoid staining your teeth with lipstick, some shades such as purple, violet, fuchsia and the range of reds make the smile look extremely white, even if you have not done a teeth whitening. So with a teeth whitening, it is obvious that you want to choose the colors that make you smile.

Other tips after whitening

It is important that we do not smoke during the following 48 hours to teeth whitening: nicotine is one of the agents that causes more coloration in the teeth, and much more if they are receptive with respect to pigments, as in this case.

In addition, after teeth whitening we must maintain excellent oral hygiene always using toothpastes and mouthwashes that do not carry colored pigments that can stain our teeth. We can use a dentifrice or gel that inhibits the sensitization of the teeth and it is even convenient to use whitening toothpastes that will allow to maintain said whitening, but not to increase it.

Choose the ideal toothpaste

One of the aspects that you must not forget is the choice of toothpaste. Do not use those that have artificial colors that affect the tone of the teeth and although it seems curious, avoid comparing those that are for sensitive teeth.