What are these necessary things to travel?

When you travel constantly, you learn to dispense with some travel comforts and start carrying the only indispensable thing. Eventually you will realize that the things you really need are very few, and you start to travel only with what is essential to you.

The reality is that there is an exact number of essential things, we must remember that everything depends on your person, the type of trip you want to make and your destination. However, yes you can talk about a list of items that will be very useful in any trip and make your life easier, on the way to solve common problems with which you will face.

Suitcase or backpack

First things first, where are you going to store all your equipment: Choose your backpack or suitcase. This is an important decision because basically it will be the home that protects all your belongings, and it has to have the characteristics that you need for it.

Clothes and shoes

The main accessories for your daily use during your trip, obviously is your clothes and the right shoes for every occasion.


The use of locks to protect our belongings when traveling, has become practically a necessity for all.

Head torch

It never hurts. Nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the forest or the beach with one hand occupied by the toilet paper and the other by the lantern.

USB with backup

Security also means protecting your important documents (such as passports, IDs or cards). You can take with you a USB drive in which you have a backup of all those documents.