What are the ten excuses that make you eternally unhappy?


  1. Expectations not met. However much distance there is between your present life and your desired state, the truth is that even in a period of joy, it is natural that life and your expectations are not perfectly aligned.
  2. Uncertainty of the future. When you observe the constant changes that occur in the environment, you may have an uncomfortable sense of instability. When you move this look into the future, you can experience vertigo. However, in reality, this uncertainty of the future is nothing more than an invitation to live in the present.
  3. Boredom This is not a negative experience when you live in the correct dosage. However, when it becomes a habitual mood, then you make a mistake if you get stuck waiting for something to magically change. Boredom is transformed from creativity.
  4. The complaint; the soundtrack of dissatisfaction How many comments of this kind do you express in just one week? Change this tendency by initiative.
  5. Limit thoughts about your way of being. Some people have the erroneous notion that, at a certain age, they can no longer evolve, grow and develop. They are caught in the wrong prejudice of thinking that they can not do anything to educate their faults and virtues.
  6. A pending subject. This is the case when a person focuses on what he lacks and, therefore, does not allow himself to be happy.
  7. Negative habits. A habit can be changed and modified, however, until that does not happen, the person experiences the effects of that discomfort if it is an action that does not help him grow.
  8. pessimism What you believe influences what you create in your mind. Those who turn pessimism into an attitude closer to realism than optimism itself, then, observe reality from a reductionist perspective.
  9. Want to have everything under control. This purpose is impossible from any point of view.