Top 5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Have you ever been courageous to ask out a girl and express your feeling towards her and then being rejected? There can be many reasons for a girl to regent a man. However getting rejected is no fun and it can sometimes embarrass you and harm your personality. Therefore have a look at these reasons that might have been the reasons for her rejection. These points will also guide you when approaching a woman you like or have crush on.

  1. Bad Presentation  and Bad Hygiene Conditions

First impression is always important and make sure you are clean and well dressed. Clean cut and well maintained men region supreme hygiene is critical. Have a haircut and trim your beard before you make the move. 

  1. Extreme Nervousness  and Desperation

A woman will identify that you are out of high desperation if you are too nervous. Being nervous can destroy your confidence and could make you black out at a particular point. Be patient and deal with your emotions. Control your feelings and avoid desperation from hampering your approach to a women.

  1. Lack of Ambition  and Poor Employment Status

Every women look for a man who can take care of her providing the necessities with love and affection. Financial backing is a key aspect for a happy family life. If you do not have a proper employment, she may not like you as she thinks that you are not ready to take up the responsibilities. On the other hand this might be a problem for the parents of the girl too which needs much consideration before entering into a serious relationship.

  1. Being Boring!  Lack of Humor and Being Backwards

A women mostly likes a guy who is able to highlight himself among the crowd. Humor can certainly add value to a man and can also impress a girl. Girls may sometimes dislike boring men. Most of the women love forward people that is the men that takes risks, show high masculinity etc.

  1. Bad  Behavior and Lack of Respect

Women are more concerned on the men’s behavior especially on her partner. Your bad behavior can make her reject you. A girl will always do a background check before accepting your offer. Make sure your bio is impressive. Respecting others, helping others, kindness can also melt the heart of a women. Develop these and never let a women reject you.

Empower yourself with the expected qualities and make sure you are not rejected in the next try.