Tips to learn to react to fear

Expose progressively If you fear social rejection, the most normal thing is that you are trying to avoid such situations. However, to overcome your fear it is crucial that you do the opposite and that you expose yourself. For this to work it must be progressive. Start with situations that cause you little anxiety and as you get used to it you go up the level.

Be aware of what you think.

In addition to exposing yourself gradually it is important that you detect when the thoughts that provoke your fear of rejection begin to appear. Rationalize the consequences you are imagining. What real risk is there in talking to a group of people? Remember that you should not confuse imaginary fears with real fears.

Use positive affirmed affirmations.

As you have seen in the previous point, in life you often receive what you expect. And this is especially true in social relationships. It turns out that when we meet someone new, if we hope to like them (for whatever reason), we will tend to like them more. And vice versa. A Canadian study showed that using affirmative, fact-based affirmations based on real events such as “my friends think I’m an important part of their life” provided people with more confidence when it came to social relationships, which in turn it translated into what they liked most.

Analyze what has happened.

If they reject you, is it normal for you to feel hurt? Definitely. There is no one who does not feel uneasy at the moment they reject him. But the key is that after, instead of letting emotions dominate your behavior, ask yourself the following questions: What did I do wrong? Why did not I like him? In what way would he / she have liked more? Would it have been worth it if you had tried to like it more?.

Living without fear of rejection paralyzes you

If you give too much power to the opinion of others, you become their prisoner. So never let someone’s opinion alter your reality. Never sacrifice who you are or who you want to be someone who has a problem with that. Love yourself as you are on the outside and inside and keep fighting. No one can make you feel that you are not the same as that power.