Things to Stop Expecting From Others


  • Stop expecting them to always do the “right thing” based on your standards.

People’s morals and ethics differ based on a lot of factors, like their upbringing, culture, spiritual beliefs, etc.

Just focus on adhering to your own morals, and let others live as they choose, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or the people you care about.


  • Stop expecting them to be perfect.

If you view imperfections as perfect, then you won’t ever feel disappointed. However, a lot of people still give others a really hard time when they slip up, and it makes them feel like a letdown, plus it can seriously strain relationships. If anything, you should actually discourage others from becoming perfectionists, because this obsessive compulsion to have everything just right can lead to depression and anxiety.

Allow people to make mistakes and learn from them, and think about how life would be if no one ever messed up. We’d be a world full of cold, heartless robots, and I don’t think anyone wants to see that reality play out!


  • Stop expecting them to agree with every word you say.

Even the best of friends don’t agree on everything, so don’t get upset when people challenge what you say, or simply have a different opinion. The world would be quite boring if no one ever disagreed; our unique perspectives and beliefs allow the planet to keep evolving and moving toward better solutions.

Think about what would happen if we all agreed with continuing to use fossil fuels to power our cars, houses, and just about everything in our lives…we wouldn’t have solar panels and electric cars if no one challenged the mainstream!


  • Stop expecting them to read your mind.

Some people have a more finely tuned intuition, but others just can’t read feelings or faces as well. Just because you might be more sensitive and understanding of how others feel doesn’t mean other people are on the same wavelength. Not everyone wants to become a psychic, so express yourself clearly so others don’t have to guess your thoughts all the time. Honest, open communication builds stronger relationships, too.


  • Stop expecting them to pick you up every time you fall.

Of course, good friends and family will help you when you need it, but don’t count on them to brush the dirt off your shoulders every time. Maybe they have their own internal struggles and can’t carry the weight of both your problems and theirs at the moment, so try to understand their point of view. They want to help, but just can’t for the time being. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, it just means you have to channel your inner warrior and fight your own battles sometimes.


  • Stop expecting them to be the same person they were a year ago.

People change over time based on their experiences and circumstances. Every day, people fight a tough battle that no one truly understands but them, so keep this in mind when you get the urge to judge them. Love everyone no matter what or who they’ve become, not just if they meet your ideals or standard