The tendency to “procast”, or postpone difficult tasks

Currently, we are used to working under pressure. We are demanded, that our work accumulates and we establish this way of acting as a habit. Without realizing it, we leave things for the last hour, which means working with stress regularly.

Plan in advance in your agenda, how you would like to do things, giving reasonable time for it, with a small margin. The most advisable thing would be that you put first what costs you the most, the most difficult task, the most important one.

Another good advice is that before going to bed, review the agenda and look at that task or difficult tasks that you will do the next day. While we sleep, our mind works and prepares itself for what we are going to do when we wake up.

When you have finished, celebrate it as you planned. Although others do not congratulate us on our achievements, it is much more important that we congratulate ourselves.

The benefits of doing things in this way are felt from the first moment, because you will feel a sense of enthusiasm, satisfaction, and motivation and you will realize that it was much easier than what you had imagined. If with repetition you get used to this feeling, from now on, this feeling of security and confidence, will be the usual. It is the chemistry of the wonderful life as a result of being at peace with oneself.