Techniques for not crying in public

For many people it is totally inevitable to cry before any discussion or when a situation exceeds them. Does it cost you to suppress your tears when you fight with someone? Do you want to stop crying when nerves can?

However, on many occasions crying is something that some people prefer to hide for some reason.

You can cry because of fear, frustration, grief, because of nerves, etc., but once you have identified the emotion you will have to learn to manage it. That is to say, if your problem is in the nerves and you come down completely before a stressful situation the ideal is that you learn some relaxation techniques to get separated a bit from all those emotions that absorb you. Learn to walk away and let not so much affect you as they can tell you, for example, in some discussion.

Meditating is quite simple because it consists simply of freeing the mind from everything and to achieve it, the ideal is to find a position in which we feel comfortable. Respiration with the belly (the lower part of the lungs) is usually recommended. Once you have entered a state of almost complete relaxation you should also try to relax your breathing. We know that it is not easy not to think about anything and leave your mind blank because thoughts will reach your head, but you have to limit yourself to observing them without entering into conversation with them.

It is also important to know how to stop physical symptoms. This means that when you feel your lips begin to shake, you should bite them gently to stop the crying and when you notice that your voice also begins to shake, take a breath and drink some water. Breathing slowly and deeply can make you calm down.

And although it seems to be unrelated to the ability to not cry in public, it is essential to maintain a good physical and emotional condition by eating healthy and performing exercises to reduce stress, get enough sleep and avoid being excessively tired. It is much more likely that we cry when our body is under a lot of stress.