Some tips to the training before a competition


Start Slowly Go to your Own Rhythm. Adapt the training to your needs and your environment.

  1. Rest is the most important part of training. It is what allows you to assimilate all the work, which avoids overloads and what prevents untimely injuries. These injuries can make you lose in one week what you have earned in a month.
  2. The long, slow and continuous race is the essence of training for the long distance runner. It is performed at a moderate speed and serves to resist more running time. Totally oxidizes the energy material: carbohydrates and fats, with great profitability, but more slowly.
  3. The series and repetitions are fundamental to improve aerobic power and therefore to continue improving personal brands. The series of medium and long distances, the changes of rhythm, the strong or controlled rhythms and the series of slopes, allow the organism to get used to recycling lactate. Due to the increased oxygen demand, cardiovascular efficiency increases, the heart enlarges and muscle blood perfusion improves.

What to do on Competition Day ?.

Have breakfast at least two hours before, and do it like every day. There is no need to change the habit or the food. From the last intake to the competition, drink plenty of water even if there is no thirst and no sugars or sugary drinks. Before heating, cover with Vaseline all areas of the body susceptible to friction, especially in long runs.

Heating correctly is essential. Its function is to raise the temperature and increase blood circulation to the muscles and tendons, to go out and perform perfectly in the competition. It is done as follows: three to five stretching exercises, without forcing. About ten minutes of very smooth trot, almost walking. Five or six ankle exercises. Four progressions of about 50 meters, until just before the start. Once in the race everything depends on you. It is always better to leave conservatively, to grow as the kilometers pass. Try to drink water at each feeding station.

The Warm-up is done five minutes after finishing the competition, it consists of jogging three to five minutes very smoothly and then performing the cooling routine, with several stretching exercises.