Slimming homemade beverages

When you want to lose weight, it is not necessary to resort to pills or medicines. We have everything we need to be able to lose weight naturally in our refrigerator.

Tea with cinnamon

Tea has caffeine, something that must be taken into account to avoid the amount we take, it will stimulate the metabolism. Cinnamon helps to calm the organism, and with it we eat more balanced, we avoid pecking, since it helps to reduce the sensation of hunger, especially when it is anxiety or nervousness. Cinnamon also helps lower blood sugar.

Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapple, in addition to having diuretic capacity, contains few calories, and a high content of digestive enzymes such as bromelain, which is an enzyme that improves digestions, making them faster and preventing the stomach from swelling due to gas formation, especially when we have eaten abundantly or have been eating too many days. One option for breakfast is a pineapple shake, with half a glass of skimmed milk, two glasses of pineapple and a handful of flax seeds. You crush everything with the blender and add several ice cubes, which will make it much lighter. The fiber provided by both the pineapple and flax seeds will help improve intestinal transit in people slightly constipated. Of course, our expert advised to use only natural pineapple, never in syrup, because it will provide a lot of sugar and more calories.

Water with ginger and lemon

Ginger, among other properties, helps us to improve the digestions that, being faster, prevent our stomach from swelling after eating, especially by stopping the appearance of gases, which will make us feel much lighter. This drink has the ability to basify the body thanks to the lemon, and also provides vitamin C and is very antioxidant, which is ideal in summer, when we are more exposed to damage from sunlight. To prepare it, the ideal thing is to make an infusion with ginger leaving a piece in the water, add a few slices of lemon and let cool. You can also do the reverse, preparing a lemonade or lemon juice with water and scratching directly fresh ginger.

Green green tea

Green tea has great antioxidant capacity. It contains catechins, substances that have a thermogenic effect, which means that it increases caloric consumption and promotes the oxidation of fats. That is why if we spend more calories than we usually spend, our body consumes reserves and thereby we lose weight. For this, our expert advises to drink at least three cups a day. You have to prepare a green tea, let it cool and drink it as a soda. It is also diuretic, so it is very helpful to fight cellulite and prevent fluid retention.

Limonada with saccharine, mint and pepper

A mixture of lemon juice and water is prepared in equal parts, to which mint leaves and some peppercorns are added. Let it rest and put some ice cubes. It is a very refreshing drink, without calories. It helps to cleanse the organism thanks to lemon juice, which will help to alkalize the organism. The mint leaves give it flavor. It helps to avoid the retention of liquids, since it is draining, but thanks to the pepper that gives it a mild spicy flavor, it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, so if we take it before dinner or lunch, or even during, we will eat less without realizing it.