Practice this things and make your live different

What is more important for you? Think about it for a minute. You will probably reduce the response to people and relationships. Once you have it clear, concentrate all your energy on those things.

Regular exercise

Even if you hate exercise, much research has found that even a small burst of fun cardio activity (moving the hula hoop, working in the garden, dancing or walking at a rapid pace) does wonders, especially in the morning (15 minutes is all what is needed) This is because exercise releases endorphins, serotonin and other chemicals that provide happiness to your brain.


Gossip is one of the most toxic things that can occur in the workplace, destroying the morale and the desire to work. If you want to get away from these insane gossip, reject invitations to eat from those toxic companions who only criticize and stay away from conversations that go in that line. Look for positive relationships at work that help you feel better, improve your job, find solutions to problems and feel good.

Live the present

Positive people make the daily choice to deliver their thoughts and feelings to the moment. By being aware and focusing your awareness on the here and now, by calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings and thoughts, you gain a great peace and free yourself from worries about “what will happen if” or “what will happen when”. Mindfulness in the present blocks the distractions that try to derail your dreams and goals.

Replace your negative emotions

You can choose meditation or forgiveness, and thereby obtain the key to rewire a region of the brain called precuneus. Basically, by changing your daily habits, you can control your sense of well-being, purpose and happiness. So if you are caught in a vicious circle of unpleasant emotions such as doubt, fear and uncertainty, replace those emotions by consciously and intentionally choosing happiness, joy and hope. Use tools such as meditation, prayer, journaling and mindfulness to help you through the process.