How to raise self-esteem?

Love is one of the most important feelings in the life of any person, however, it is convenient not to associate love only with the relationships of otherness but also with the bond that every human being establishes with itself.

  1. The essence of any type of relationship is communication. To improve communication with yourself you can practice writing as a tool that helps you put your ideas in order.
  2. Take care of the small details of the day to day to make your life pleasant. The way you treat yourself is very important. Practice respect and unconditional acceptance towards yourself to raise self-esteem.
  3. Mark distance from those toxic companies that negatively affect your self-esteem.
  4. Learn to express your views freely at work. You can contribute a lot to the team.
  5. Learn to say no with freedom without being afraid of the consequences of your refusal. The important thing is that you are consistent with yourself and with the limits you want to mark.
  6. The excess of rationalism can steal prominence to the feeling in the day to day. And the excess of feeling can mean an emotionality that leaves no room for reason. Find the balance between thought and feeling.
  7. Transform your mistakes into a vital triumph by congratulating yourself for having the courage to fight for a specific objective.
  8. Internalize a positive thought that you can tell yourself in a daily way: “I love myself”.
  9. Become aware of the value of your actions to live more fully.
  10. From the metaphysical point of view, do not confuse having with being. Your unconditional value lies in your immense dignity.