Here are 6 things that can end marriages


  1. Many people think that once you get married, there’s no more need to sit down and talk about your relationship. This is false, and one of the main reasons that marriages end. Being able to sit down and discuss your relationship is vital, especially in marriage.
  2. Being married is making a long-term commitment to your partner. You want to make sure that the channels of communication are open. Marriage doesn’t mean that the relationship is always going to work flawlessly. Communicate about your relationship in order to keep your marriage healthy and happy.
  3. Having relationships and friendships outside of your marriage is key to keeping your marriage strong and healthy. You need to be able to have a support system that isn’t just your spouse. This means that you have to have friends, or strong relationships with your family members. Marriage therapists have pointed out that if your only strong friendship or relationship is your spouse, then your marriage might be in trouble. Having a support network and being able to take the stress of your partner is vital to a healthy and long-lasting marriage.
  4. When you get married to someone too quickly, you may not know that person inside and out yet. Marriage is supposed to be a time where you really learn about the person that you’re spending the rest of your life with. Sometimes, you find out that you don’t share the same kind of values and morals.

Marriage therapists explain that having a difference in values can be something big that ends a marriage. The key is being able to talk those differences out, respect them, and compromise on things in your new life together.

While there are certainly things that we often prefer to keep to ourselves, secret keeping is a bad habit to have when you’re in a marriage. You don’t have to tell your spouse every thought that comes into your head, but consciously keeping secrets from them can quickly lead down a disastrous road. Marriage therapists don’t recommend keeping secrets from your spouse, no matter how big or small. Honesty is always the best policy, and one that will nurture a healthy and long-lasting marriage.

  1. When you get married, after a while, the little things can start to get pushed away. You have kids, you have a mortgage, you have things that need to get done. Day in and day out, the “big things” start to take precedence over the “little things”. Marriages can end because people forget to compliment their spouse every day or thank them for the little things, like bringing them a cup of tea, or tidying up the living room.
  2. Compromise is truly key in marriages. Sometimes, things can’t always go our way. However, if you dig your heels in and refuse to compromise, there can be consequences. Namely, it can start to kill your marriage. Marriage therapists see couples all the time that have trouble compromising, which can cause rifts in the relationship. Being flexible and having the ability to sacrifice a little bit for your partner is key to a long and happy marriage.

Final thoughts

Marriages end for all kinds of reasons. But, there are ways to turn it back around. Even if there’s something in your marriage that isn’t working, marriage therapists know that with enough devotion and patience, those problems can be fixed. Being open to learning and changing your behavior in a marriage will help you stay in love and keep your marriage long-lasting.