Golden rules to establish objectives and that these are met

Set achievable goals, has many variants, factors and methodologies. There is a popular saying that says intelligent is one who learns from their experiences and is wise who learns from their own experiences and those who have been successful, because to get there they have made mistakes and corrected them.

Those who have succeeded:

  1. They have a vision of their future and a why
  2. They recognize their own potential and the achievements they have had.
  3. They have clear values ​​and their purpose in the world.
  4. They define objectives that give them meaning, value and challenge. They are personal and, through the process and achievement, will give welfare to their environment.
  5. They establish written, specific, measurable, quantifiable and achievable goals.

From the objectives to follow, they define why they want to achieve it. That is why it is bigger and more powerful than the same goal. For ex. Having a million dollars in 5 years is a goal. Why it can be: have economic tranquility and provide greater welfare to your family or have time to do what you have always wanted, for which it requires concentration and dedication. This is more powerful than achieving a million dollars alone.

The why is the energy that keeps the goal alive and firm the walk.

  • They elaborate a plan with actions, sequences and priorities; resources, dates and measurement elements.
  • They monitor permanently if what they do brings them closer or farther from their objective. (for this the plan also serves)
  • They have a commitment to achieve them. That’s why they do what needs to be done.
  • They make work teams that support them in the realization of their objectives.
  • They know that it is important to make changes, to have more knowledge, to surround themselves with people who support them and, most importantly, to know that given that each step they take will lead them to conquer their dreams.