Get away emotionally from the people we love

Getting away from certain people improves physical and emotional health. In fact, it can be said that in order to be happy we need to distance ourselves from the conflicts that are caused by people who absorb our energy and nullify our capacity for reaction.

In order to be free and feel good, we need to get away from the emotional destruction, the instability and the uncertainty caused by those people who become ill with our emotional capacity and who distort our sensibility.

We can not always physically distance ourselves from the people who make our day-to-day difficult because, for example, they can be relatives, co-workers or people very present in our environment.

However, we will agree that, although we sometimes want physical distance, what really makes the difference is the emotional distance.



For this we must work on having enough strength to keep us out of their ability to act and avoid being influenced by their behaviors and attitudes towards us. But how do we achieve it?

Sometimes we expect so much from others that we are unable to accept reality as it is. In this sense we must allow ourselves to “ignore” all those people from whom we expect much and who constantly disappoint us.

This will also allow us to reevaluate our hopes for others, which can be very demanding, very partial and even contaminated by great discomfort.

Once you manage to filter the bad actions, you will focus your attention on your opportunities for growth and stop mining your strength as a result of the toxicity of the environment.