Change your half day with a healthy menu


Skimmed milk or skimmed yogurt and fresh orange juice or 1 piece of fruit.

Whole wheat bread toast (60g) with olive oil (1 spoonful) and turkey or ham ham, or toasted bread (60g) with margarine and light marmalade (1 small spoonful).

Or maybe you can try with a toast with avocado is basically the easiest thing to do in the world, plus it is good for you thanks to the abundant content of Omega-3 avocado. But it tastes so exquisite that you’ll feel like you’re cheating life when you eat one. By the way, it is also very elegant.

A simple avocado toast is just toast (whole grain, for more fiber and nutrients) + avocado (sliced or pureed) + sea salt + red pepper. But that’s just the beginning because you can add egg on top or a bit of good olive oil. You can also try this one with avocado + feta cheese + pomegranate toast to achieve a sweet and tasty combination. The options are endless. Go crazy. Break free.

Mid morning or snack

Piece of fruit or 2 small, a skimmed yogurt, a biscuit of whole wheat bread with burgos cheese or turkey cold cuts, coffee alone or infusion.


If you think that salads are for rabbits, you have not found the right one yet. A few tips: use fresh vegetables and consider that anything canned should be a complement and not the main ingredient so you do not end up with a withered and sad salad. If you want it to be a complete meal, add a little protein such as meat, eggs, beans and nuts. Make sure you make a good mix of crunchy ingredients such as raw cabbage, cucumber or nuts, and some soft ones like tomatoes, cooked vegetables or beans.

The most important step is to make your own delicious homemade dressing (and healthier). A simple Dijon mustard vinaigrette always works, but also feel free to try something more risky. If you’re looking for a complete recipe that inspires you, try this salad with kale and Brussels sprouts or with this Asian chicken salad.